Ancestral Birth Ways

Sharing Ancestral Birth Ways of my past, growth from my present, and hopes for the future.
Honored to be creating a beautiful safe space to talk about birth stories and my personal experience as a home birther and free birther. I had 5 amazing orgasmic (and pain free) birth experiences with all my children (last 3 unassisted) and hoping to share some insights around home births and my journey with all my pregnancies. I will also be sharing some of the natural birth wisdoms past through my family as generations of birth workers and medicines from my Ancestors. My intention is to create a space of empowerment surrounding birth and ways to possibly help guide or inspire your personal journey. I would love to share this space with you in ceremony and dialogue. Let’s come together and re-discover our ancestral medicine from our unique backgrounds , share with each other, and build new narratives to pass down to our children / future gate keepers.
We will also be making herbal remedies / postpartum recipes inspired from my ancestral land of the Philippines. I am very honored and humbled for this opportunity to co-create with you all.

This space welcomes expecting mamas/birthing person/partner supporter, future mamas/parents, birth workers, etc

Please bring a journal, pen, mug/cup, offering for the community altar that you can take back home (optional)


Ancestral Birth Ways will be shared by May Salem.