Amy Mea Woodruff

Mea is the founding Mother behind the Spirit Weavers Gathering. Her love for nature and earth play began at a very young age. She was raised on her family’s farm in Southern California, spending most of her childhood outdoors, camping, connecting with her animals and eating foods and fruits from her family’s abundant gardens.

Mea is a gatherer, artisan, student of the heart path and a Mother.  She is dedicated to giving back to the land making earth offering ceremonies as a way of re-establishing our connection with Mother Earth and all of life everywhere. Her Medicine heart channels through all of her offerings and she is devoted to walking in beauty and inspiring hearts to awaken their connection with Spirit. For over a decade now, Mea has been consistently honing her craft,  expanding her creativity and love for earth based skills throughout her travels and studies.

With Choctaw and Cherokee roots of her own, Mea has spent many years diving into her ancestral lineage and understands the importance of honoring those who walked before her in a good way.   The Spirit Weavers Gathering is an homage to those Ancestors who lived a life of simplicity and in harmony with the earth.

When the vision for Spirit Weavers came through, Mea received the blessings from her Mentors and those who have walked this path before her, from Founders and Elders of Gatherings such as BackTracks,  Saskatoon CircleBuckeye Gathering and NCWHS.

Mea lives on the island of Kauai with her partner and seven year old daughter Naia.  Most recently Mea and her family have been spending the summers on the Spirit Weavers land, Cedar Song in Southern Oregon.  You can also find her via Daughter of the Sun.