Amanda Jude

Amanda Jude

Amanda Jude is an activist and entrepreneur. After trying for years to break free from plastic, Amanda found it unacceptable that her best options for quality body care were to make it all herself or to go without. Instead, she founded Wilde Canyon to offer organic body care in plastic-free packaging with the goal of making the zero-waste lifestyle more easily attainable for women from all backgrounds.

Amanda believes that brands have become the third most powerful forces in our culture – right behind nature and women – and that there is a responsibility to honor that power with right action and values-based decision making.

A queer, kink-positive, non-binary femme – Amanda got used to not fitting in pretty early and enjoyed how that allowed her to view things from an outsider perspective. Walking between identities made it easier to unsubscribe from the social rhetoric that invades our thinking. She brings this perspective to her workshops as an invitation to shed cultural conditioning, internalized colonization, and white supremacy.

Amanda lives on colonized Chemehuevi land (currently called Joshua Tree, CA). Her water comes from a nearby aquifer that is tainted by extractive industry. Her ancestors are Lebanese and Italian. She enjoys watching the light shift, contemplating compost, and listening to the animals who cross her path.


Amanda will be sharing Radical Routine.