Altar de Muertos

Come learn the stories/ history behind this living indigenous tradition of Mexican descent: Día de Muertos, a fiesta celebrating the rhythm of life and death.

I´ll be sharing my lineage´s practice of connecting, honoring and worshiping our ancestors through intricate feasts, drinking, musical performances, storytelling and altar setting.

We´ll be discussing the syncretism of Native and Spanish Day of the Dead traditions, elements of the altar and their meaning and La Catrina figure.

Everyone is welcome! Please bring a picture, object that belonged to the ancestor you want to celebrate or an item that represents them. We´ll do a brief sharing circle so we can all get to know our living dead and we´ll set up an altar together.

Damiana will be sharing Sacred Smokes, Altar de Muertos and The Heart and Hearth of Ancestral Food Medicine