Aki Hirata Baker
Spiritual Congruency – Centering Decolonization In Spiritual Practice

Aki Hirata Baker
Spiritual Congruency – Centering Decolonization In Spiritual Practice

Are you ready to transform into the best possible version of yourself during this time? The prophecy states Quezalcoatl (feathered serpent = enlightened one, also can be interpreted as Kundalini) will appear all over the world to create the change necessary in the world between 1991 – 2021. Are you ready to answer this call?

This class offers simple yet powerful breathing technique used in Toltec tradition taught by Sergio Magana as a start of the transformational process for the time of COVID-19. This breathwork is a discipline created and passed on by the ancient people of Mexico to awaken our enlightened nature.

This breathwork taught by Sergio Magana Ocelocoyotl is designed to awaken your inner power, heal seven past generations and living families, create deeper bond with the Mother Earth, so you may manifest your desire that is aligned with the purpose you hold for the world. This 104 breath is meant to be practiced daily for 104 days to achieve the complete transformation.

In this class, you will learn:
– Basic breathing technique to foster wellness
– Basic energy center system (chakras) of Toltec/Aztec tradition
– Quezalcoatl Breathwork for transformation

You will receive journaling prompt every 13 days to deepen the healing process. We cannot wait to see the transformation that will take place!

I give gratitudes to all the indigenous wisdom keepers; and I acknowledge this land I stand upon had been taken from the Lenape people of Canarsie Tribe through genocide, and they continuously experience the erasure of their culture and all other forms of oppression.

I would like to acknowledge the fact that I do not come from this land and the tradition of Toltec and Nahualism, while I study and practice Indigenous healing of this continent. It is my intent to uphold what had been taught to me from all of my teachers; and while my intention is honest, I am well aware there will be shortcomings – and I will be grateful for feedbacks and conversations.

I have received permission from Maestro Sergio to teach what I have practiced and seen the results in my own life. Maestro Sergio Magana Ocelocoyotl was initiated into the 5,000-year-old lineage of Mesoamerica as well as the Toltec dreaming oral tradition, which has been orally passed down for 1,460 years. He has also worked with UNESCO to preserve the intangible art of ancient Mexico and its pyramids. Please visit sergiomagana.com for more info.


Bring a notebook, pen(cil), something to drink, and wear a comfortable clothing