Aimee Ringle

Aimée Ringle is a musician, song-leader and storyteller based in Port Townsend, Washington. She has been lauded for her caremel voice, invigorating teaching style, articulate percussion skills and intricate guitar work. Aimée’s work as a song-leading and storyteller have woven her into an ever widening community of cultural shifters around the country in the realms of sustainable agriculture, alternative education, community living, personal and interpersonal healing, creative expression and spiritual exploration – all of which are reflected in the songs that she carries.
As a song-leader, Aimée has been an integral part of the Singing Alive! gatherings for the past 8 years and continues to teach at a growing number of kindred gatherings around the country. Aimée continues to cover more territory and book her calendar with more workshops and festival as community singing continues to grow in power and popularity. She is blessed to be a part of this amazing movement of music and looks forward to every chance to teach, learn and spread songs for singing!


Aimée Ringle will be facilitating the Living Altar Jam with Alexa Sunshine Rose.