Aganaq Kostenborder

Baskets are beings. Within their woven bodies they hold your stories. They teach you that you too, are woven, that you tell a story, that we are vessels. When we allow these baskets to manifest, we can let go of ideas and attachments about what we think we can or cannot do. If we are good or not good enough. We can instead give our attention and our hands to gently provide shape for the baskets to emerge into. They like it when you speak sweetly to them. They hold what we put into them as we weave, and then reflect it back to us.

Originally from Alaska, I now live (mostly!) In Oregon, traveling about, being a hot springs troll, and working on endless crafty projects. I’ve spent many bits of time playing in the willow beds, eating berries, boiling stuff up in the cauldron, and weaving the days and nights away at my teacher Margarets spot, nestled in the coast range. I was thrown into teaching basketry at skills gatherings as one of Margarets “accomplices” some years back, and continue to teach at skills gatherings in the west.

Aganaq Kostenborder will be sharing Willow Basketry with Erin Fahey.