Activating the VIxen: a Cannabis Sensuality Experience

Activating the VIxen: a Cannabis Sensuality Experience

Lizzy Jeff curates an educational & empowering workshop experience centered around the healing power of cannabis and Sensuality.

We will be tapping into our inner vixens by doing mirror meditation work, aligning with plant medicine and engaging our senses in the most intentional ways.

Lizzy will lead the class with an infused breath work exercise followed by a sensual, slow moving CBD infused stretch. From a grounded space, You will learn how to activate your creativity by channeling the power of your womb through herbs and elevated conversations.

You will learn the power of setting new intentions before connecting with the medicine and also how to roll the perfect Damiana and lavender infused joints.

All are welcome to join this healing space with an open mind and heart. This is a perfect experience for those that are just beginning to work with Cannabis and Sensuality and those that intentionally want to enhance their life experience. Please don’t forget to wear your favorite sexy kimono

Lizzy Jeff will be leading
Activating the Vixen:
(a Cannabis & Sensuality Experience with Lizzy Jeff)