Accessing Infinite Beingness with Grandmother Kaariina

Accessing Infinite beingness

Held within a ceremonial container, travellers of great spirit access that which is ready to release and that which is ready to be realized.

We close with re integration, grounding and centering in your own Medicine Wheel.

For all relations

Bring your own pillow,blanket and journal.

Sessions include ancestral releases, clearing timelines, as well as organic hands on energetic work to open up the HUI YIN and meridians as well as the cranial sacral fluids.  Travellers in CoCreactivitas experience immediate relief; remembrances of ancestral treasures; releases from configurations chi blockages that invite a new perception of self, of others, of life itself.  They are valued at $200USD and include *CoCreavatars International newsletter, Dream Freedom Beauty podcasts, and value added gifts such as our audio and video links plus a discount for our 2019 Sacred WOmb Sacred Wounds Sacred Women Monteverde Costa Rica RETREAT , over Spring Equinox.

Grandmother Kaariina Saarinen M Ed Coun, guardian and keeper of Sacred Wheels, has a great passion for womens womb and moon lodges!  Long ago, she realized that womens destiny is this earths destiny!  Gma brings 40 years of transformational education, leadership experience, cultivations by both REIKI lineage (Tibetan) as well as shamanic trainings (universal & Reindeer).

Grandma Kaariina is bloodline shamanka with epigenetics from Mongolia, Tuva, Siberia and northern Finland. Traveling for 15 years, Kaariina is an energetic adept, a strong and fierce light for truth and a discipline healer for humanity. Her passion is for nonviolence and purpose: to end the lies of separation from source. She longs for family reunions and lives the Way of Council, knowing that partnerships can be alchemized and traumas no longer serve as a basis for conversations.

Kaariina comes to us in June 2018, after months of initiating reiki masters, coaching permaculture initiatives, offering sweatlodges with many traditional lodge holders, listening often in the wild to the heart of pachamama, and aligning to the prophecies: eagle Quetzal Condor, the Whirling Rainbow, the 8th Sacred Fire, and that of the Grandmothers and Grandfathers.

Bowing down to the Calling of Sistars to Spirit Weavers.  May we be grounded to the crystalline grid of Pachamama! OMeteotyl