Abortion Healing with Storytelling & Ritual

I see abortion on a spectrum. There are many different reasons for having an abortion and there are just as many varied experiences post abortion. In my own experience I found sitting through the discomfort of holding the polarity of grief and relief to be the most challenging.  In this workshop I invite any woman who’s had an abortion who is looking for an opportunity to share her story, find community, support other women, and create ritual. This workshop is for all abortion experiences and all emotions whether they are “good” or “bad”.

I will start us off on the storytelling journey and will invite you into small groups to share your stories with one another. You are welcomed to be a witness and a participant during the storytelling. When we come back to the large group we will have an opportunity to share themes, patterns, insights and revelations. This will lead us into creating personalized rituals that we can share with one another and carry with us beyond the gathering. I will provide the materials to create a sacred object to carry with you beyond the gathering. Our time together will wrap up by composing a community altar to honor our bodies, pregnancies, abortions, and one another.


Abortion Care will be shared by Kristen Portney

Artwork by @tinamariaelena