A Spiritweavers Initiation

A Spiritweavers Initiation

For many of us, a deep awakening occurs when we enter a women’s gathering. Parts of our beings, previously dormant, wounded, or suppressed may rise to the surface. We enter a space free from the many stimulants, toxins, and comforts our systems are used to. We find new access to the realm of intuition, our dreams, and deepest fears. What we find may surprise, scare, or delight us.

This class provides an in-depth look at why we have come to this gathering, what we need to fulfill our purpose while here, and helps us answer the questions: Who am I? and What is my medicine path?

We will be guided through introspection and journaling exercises as well and partnered with a “gathering guide” to answer any questions. Attendees will receive hints for how to best thrive during the weekend, understand why things are designed the way they are, and receive resources for deeper access to the particular medicine they seek.

All womxn attending the gathering for the first time are highly encouraged to take this class, as well as any womxn who are looking to engage with their experience in a deep and profound way. Friday morning.

Katina Mercadante will be teaching A Spiritweavers Initiation as well as the fireside welcome on Thursday evening.