A Conversation On Collective Liberation

A Conversation On Collective Liberation

Inspired by Fannie Lou Hammer’s proclamation that “Nobody’s free until everybody’s free,” “A Conversation On Collective Liberation” aims to create a supportive space around the question, “What will it take for us to come together during these divisive times?” Participants will spend time exploring themes and concepts such as climate justice, holding nuance, solidarity, and understanding and aligning their frontlines.

During this open-hearted dialogue, we will invite people to reflect on what their frontline(s) might be, how our frontlines can intersect and align, and how we can show up in solidarity for and with each other. We will integrate journaling exercises, highlight case studies, and guide conversation to inspire deeper engagement with the popular concept of collective liberation.

Tangible takeaways will include a sense of empowerment and place, a primer on the current climate justice movement and a guide to creatively working with traditional and new media.

There is no materials fee and the class is open to as many as 20 students at a time.


A Conversation On Collective Liberation will be shared by Kailea Frederick and Kate Weiner.