2018 Call for Sister Artists

In the spirit of women gathering to share their hearts and hands, we would like to invite you to submit your ✨ARTWORK✨ to be used for the 6th Annual, 2018 Spirit Weavers Gathering. We are gratefully accepting submissions until October 8th. We will choose several images to be voted on by our community. Winner will be announced end of October. The artist who’s image is chosen will receive a free entry into the gathering along with promotion of artwork throughout the year.  This is a great opportunity to share your artwork with the larger community and beyond! This is a tradition we have shared each year.
Our home is in a large forest and runs along a river so please feel free to use this as inspiration. The artwork from previous years can be found HERE, to get a feel for what we have used in the past. You can also find them through the photo gallery page of our website. (Size and full imagery artwork has been shifted to accommodate gallery) Please leave room for font so that we can include the info for the next gathering. If you are including drawings or paintings of women, please remember to include all walks of life.  For 2018 the color scheme is more of a pastel palette opposed to the bright rainbows of years past AND all artwork is welcome!

All Gathering dates and info, Instructor and Seva (work exchange) apps will be announced in November.
Please feel free to tag your amazing artist sisters or accounts you love!  ✨Artwork shown by @mloch_art Maggie Lochtenberg

Samples of past years artwork: https://spiritweaversgathering.com/photo-gallery/

*** Artwork will be printed onto a 7 foot backdrop during the official gathering so all artwork must be scanned at 300 DPI when sent in.  Send entries to artwork@spiritweaversgathering.com by OCT 8th.