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This year, we’re excited to announce that we have TWELVE scholarships available to gift to sisters in need. As always, our first scholarship is available to First Nations/Indigenous Women which is available for 4 out of the 12. To enter for the first scholarship, nominate yourself or a sister by filling out our scholarship form. Please share what attending this gathering would mean to you or to your sister. We will consider all applications and select a name by Sunday March 10th.  Each Scholarship will be unique in the way you enter.


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Scholarship 1: International Women’s Day:: A scholarship for our own First Nations/Indigenous sisters
Announce March 1st, Deadline:March 7th


Scholarship 2: Women of Color:: A scholarship for WOC, including multi-racial and/or self-identified woman
Announce March 21, Deadline March 27th
Scholarship 3: Elder and Crone:: A scholarship for women over the age of 50.
Announce April 4, Deadline April 11th
Scholarship 4: Earth Day:: A scholarship for caretakers of the earth
Announce April 15th, Deadline April 21st
Scholarship 5: Mothers Day:: A scholarship for Mothers
Announce May 6th, Deadline May 13th


These scholarships are all made possible by you! Donations of handmade items and funds for this year’s scholarships were made and gifted by women who attended last year’s gathering. We share an amazing raffle throughout the weekend and all funds from the raffle go toward scholarships. In addition, we have added an official Spirit Weavers Merchandise booth and all proceeds will also go to next years Scholarship fund! If you feel called to donate or help with our scholarship fund, please email sponsorship@spiritweavergathering.com.

Spirit Weavers Gathering recognizes the importance of Solidarity and Allyship work. A variety of scholarships is just one of the many ways we continue to open the space for all walks of life. Thank you for patiently being a part of the dialogue as we strive to create a unique and diverse gathering.