2015 Spirit Weavers Marketplace

2015 Spirit Weavers Marketplace

We are so excited to bring  so many handmade from the heart, sustainable and unique vintage items into the 2015 Spirit Weavers Marketplace! The market will be open during lunch and evening hours in the beautiful cabin like Bosche Lodge.  Credit Cards and cash will be accepted.

HOMEWARE: Rainbow Kimono, Urthen, Spontaneous Altier, Belljar

SUSTAINABLE & US MADE CLOTHING: TYSA, River Running Designs, Zenga Zenga, Fresh squeezed Tie Dye


VINTAGE TREASURES: Prism of Threads, The Secret Souk, Sasha Darling, Eastmoon Dandelion


JEWELRY: My Art is my Temple, Active Culture Family, Kelci Potter, Ferro, MGrace

FIBER: Sacred Knots, Dharma Colective, Tehya Shea, Amelia Brooklyn


HANDBAGS: Ilano, Stella 9, Foggy Notion, SHELTER

CEREMONY: Made in Prayer, Dancing Willow Design,  Lady Apples, Kakaw Sana, Salihah Moore

beadingORGANIC SKINCARE: La Tierra Sagrada, Shiva Rose, Living Libations, Naked Eye Beautybeauty

AND MORE…  Living Tea, Zen & Bunni Chocolates, Sun Potion, Amaru,  Wild Wines, Totally Blown, Builders of the  New Dawn, & Daughter of the SunPicMonkey Collage