Call for Sacred Dance, Yoga and Meditation

Call for Sacred Dance, Yoga and Meditation

imageWelcome beautiful sisters to our 2016 Spirit Weavers Gathering call to the sacred body.

This year we are dividing our physical all inclusive classes Into three categories; Sacred Dance, Yoga, and Meditation. What is unique to our pod of guides is that all of our physical classes are always open to the entirety of the gathering, unlike workshops or healing work. This is one of the rare opportunities during the gathering where everyone is free and welcome to participate.

This year we are beyond thrilled and honored to welcome new diversity in interpreting the sacred body through; indigenous culture, energetic alignment, and the many varied and beautiful expressions invoking the divine feminine through our bodies.


2016 Scheduling

This year we will have three daily classes offered at each time slot available in each discipline. So a class will be offered in each discipline at the same time.

*Most class will be 60-90 minutes long, with some slots for longer workshops available.

~ Daily Class Offerings ~

7:00am sunrise class

9:00 am during morning workshops

1:00- 3:00pm mid-day between lunch and dinner.


*please let us know in your submission if your class requires a specific hour or sequential integration over the course of the gathering.


Eligibility and Our Scope

As many of us know, these three categories of movement, alignment, and body integration have a natural ability to crossover or be integrated into one class, but we request a focus on embodying each discipline when crafting your class description and intention.

Outside of traditional yoga, We are looking for:

Guided meditation, visualization, kundalini, ritualistic/rite of passage dance, multi-cultural sacred dance, tai chi, and any corresponding practice involving energetic movement invoking the feminine balance.

We invite multidisciplinary teachers and you may apply for all three disciplines.

Part Time Teachers Exchange

All of our teachers will be part time teachers. Part time teachers teach 6 hours during the gathering. If you are chosen to be a part time teacher, you will be gifted half entry into the gathering, and the remaining half will need to be covered by the teacher.


Submission Guidelines:.


This year we would love to receive video submissions in order to get to see and hear you explain some of your practice. You can use this opportunity to guide us or to speak from the heart. We would love to hear you connect to us on a personal level, however you see fit.

Vido Criteria

We ask the video to not exceed 2 minutes.

Upload your videos via YouTube or Vimeo.

If you wish to keep your video private, make it password protected and include the password in your email submission.


Submission Requirements:

Please submit via email with the headline:

“Your Teaching Discipline – full name – ”

Please copy and paste each question before your response, as well as request.

  1. in a short paragraph explain why you would like to teach/contribute to the experience at spirit weavers in 2016?
  2. Would you like to teach part time or full time?
  3. In addition to applying for the daily Yoga, Sacred Dance, and Meditation classes, Are you applying to teach a workshop or series of workshops for Spirit Weavers Gathering 2016?
  4. Would you be available for one or both weekends?
  5. Insert a Short biography/cv if applicable (upload a pdf if necessary and title with your name)
  6. Class description/Class Descriptions
  7. Please indicate if your class can only serve a limited amount of women.
  8. indicate if your practice requires any props or music.
  9. Website URL
  10. Instagram handle and URL
  11. Video links and video password, if password protected.

Our deadline is November 28th 11:59pm PST

Email all submissions to:


For any additional or specific questions please email us, and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you sisters for aligning with us on this journey, we look forward to seeing you and experiencing your craft and hearts!


Much love and abundant light from your

Yoga and Movement mamas,


Maria Calderon and Sibyl Buck